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Lumosity - App We Recommend

We all must have heard about the large infl­uence that mobile games have on memory and concentration. However, how many of these apps actually help improve the memory of an individual? Brain training apps such as Lumosity helps increase the mindful performance of an individual's brain.

What is Lumosity?

Lumosity is a free brain training mobile app that is specially designed by scientists, app designers and teachers to improve memory, attention, the speed of processing and problem solving of an individual through a daily mental training programme.

The app assesses the mental strengths of an individual and offers subsequent tasks that challenge their thinking skills. The app assesses the performance of the user and accordingly scales up or down on the level of difficulty of the user.

How does Lumosity work?

The Lumosity app initially offers a ‑t test to its users to set a base score of them individually. Subsequently, it creates a personalised training programme for all its users in the five core areas of their cognitive abilities. The app also proves to be beneficial in improving memory, attention and problem-solving skills and also spots and improves symptoms of ADHD. Lumosity app is also said to improve brain memory.

Though the app is available to the general public, it is recommended that its users should be above 13 years of age. Lumosity is a user-friendly app that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or Apple store.

This article originally appeared in the TeacherTribe Magazine January 2021 edition.


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